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Project Spotlight: 75 Tresser Boulevard, Stamford CT

Posted on August 6, 2015

75 Tresser Boulevard

75 Tresser Boulevard, located in the heart of downtown Stamford, CT.

Today we would like to spotlight another recently completed Aerial project – 75 Tresser Boulevard in Stamford, CT. 75 Tresser is a 342 apartment unit wood-frame podium project located in downtown Stamford. Thomason-Stevens, LLC was the General Contractor and Aerial client on this project that was completed earlier in 2015.  Parking is located under the structure and several retail spaces also line the ground-level portion of the building.

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Beacon Harbor Point Completed!

Posted on July 30, 2015

Beacon Harbor Point - Front View

Aerial has recently completed another project for Building and Land Technology, “S3” or publicly known as Beacon Harbor Point in Stamford, CT.   Congratulations to Project Manager Roland St. Germain and the entire team that worked on S3.  Residents are now moving into this beautiful 22-story, 240 unit twin apartment tower that is the centerpiece of the Harbor Point neighborhood adjacent to downtown Stamford.

Beacon is the latest in a series of jobs Aerial has in progress or completed with developer Building and Land Technology (BLT). Aerial installed all intercom systems, voice-evacuation alarm systems, and provided temporary on-site power during construction.  Beacon adds yet another example to Aerial’s reputation for contributing to on-time and on-budget completions.

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Corey Fitzgerald, Luis Martinez, and Besnik Mamudi recognized for their outstanding contributions!

Posted on July 14, 2015

Employee Recognition - April May

The Aerial Leadership team has recognized three individuals who have led by example and exemplified the Aerial Core Values – Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, Accountability, and Respect. Congratulations to the Corey Fitzgerald, Luis Martinez, and Besnik Mamudi for their hard work and dedication!

Corey Fitzgerald (upper right) has been with Aerial for several years and is currently serving as foreman of Takoma Park, in Washington, DC. Corey has done a great job leading the team on the ground as the project has gotten off to a great start. Luis Martinez (upper left) is the Foreman at the Bedford St. project in Stamford. Luis has been instrumental in setting a positive tone with the team and ensuring the project is off on the right foot as major construction is now underway.

The efforts of Corey and Luis at our project in Princeton, New Jersey were most impressive over a particularly long and testing period this winter and spring. Their hard work was instrumental in bringing that project to a close. Both are extremely dedicated to their work and respected by our customers for their efforts in getting the job done and pushing other trades.

Besnik Mamudi (bottom) is currently serving as the Subforeman at the Glover St. project in Norwalk, CT. Besnik has recently become a Journeyman and excelled through his apprenticeship working under Chris Barlow at Abbey Woods. His excellent work and attention to detail has helped Glover move along smoothly as they work towards completing that project soon.

Aerial is driven by its quality employees and systems which allow us to have our outstanding reputation for on-time and on-budget delivery!

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Aerial Selects Roland St. Germain as Employee of the Year!

Posted on May 19, 2015

At Aerial Electric, we understand that our people are the reason we have grown into the well respected electrical contractor we are today.  In this spirit, Aerial has selected its first ever “Employee of the Year”, to honor those employees who have gone above and beyond the norm to contribute to Aerial’s growth, lead by example, and exemplify Aerial’s Core Values – Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, Accountability, and Respect.

This year, we are proud to award Roland St. Germain with this great honor!

Roland St. Germain

Roland is Aerial’s longest serving employee, having over 25 years of service with the company. He is well liked throughout the organization for his friendly and engaging personality, along with his willingness to help others.  Roland has had many accomplishments over the course of his career, having proven himself as a well qualified Project Manager on Aerial’s largest projects.  Roland’s most recent project is Beacon Harbor Point, a twin 22-story apartment complex in the Harbor Point development being created by Building and Land Technology.

Roland St. Germain and the Aerial Leadership Team!

Congratulations Roland St. Germain for being selected the 2014 Aerial Employee of the Year!

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The Future of MDU Electricity: Is Renewable Energy Storage Coming Home?

Posted on April 3, 2015

It’s hard for us to really understand just how new our electrical world is. Ben Franklin “discovered” electricity, but it wasn’t for more than another century that practical uses for it really began to come into play. The first electric street lights weren’t turned on until 1888, in Paris. Gas lamps were still prevalent until the 1930s in many poorer places. The electrical grid was built in fits and starts. Many of us have parents who were born before the bulk of the nation was connected thanks to dams and hydroelectricity. It’s still a relatively new phenomenon, which is why it is amazing that we are even talking about its future.

Talk about it we must, though. There are many who think our grid is outdated, and our electrical sources dirty. Owners and operators of multi-family dwelling units have to be aware of changing currents, so to speak, in the national mood. They have to be ahead of the curve in order to make money and attract residents. One upcoming electrical change is going to be a movement toward renewable energy storage inside the house: essentially, a giant battery.


Capturing and storing solar power can be how renewable enrgy arrives for MDUs. Image from Wikimedia Commons

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Planning Makes Perfect: Getting The Right Electrical Assistance In Your MDU Design Phase

Posted on April 2, 2015

Electricity, like virtually everything else in the universe, is at its heart a chemical reaction. For all but a blink of our history, the basic nature of electricity was a terrifying mystery. Now, even as we understand it, there is still the need to understand chemistry: namely, the chemistry between developers and subcontractors. In order to make sure that the enormous costs of electricity for you MDU are spent right, you need to have the right people to assist you in all phases of your project.


If you want a well-let MDU, go to the right people. Image from Wikimedia Commons

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Does a Deep-Energy Retrofit Make Sense for Your Multi-Family Dwelling?

Posted on March 31, 2015

Buildings are history. They are a reflection of the time they were built, whether that was 1914 or 2014. In the life a city, any specific building can loom large, not so much because of sparkling architecture or famous residents, but by dint of semi-permanence. People make their families there, they fight and the grow and they create memories. Every building is important to someone, to a lot of someones, and the memories they hold create the fabric of our environments.

Unfortunately, buildings, like people, age. Energy efficiency standards have risen at the same time that older buildings have had their heating and cooling systems break down, and fall behind the times. For owners and operators of MDUs, it becomes an extremely tough decision about how make the building match modern standards. There are options for retrofitting that involve small, incremental changes, and then there is attempting to go all-out, with what is called a deep-energy retrofit. Multi-family owners have to decide if that is a cost-efficient option for them.



Getting a deep-energy retrofit can save your building money, but it is tricky cost-balance analysis. Image from Wikimedia.

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Lighting the Way: Expecting Professionalism From Your Multi-Family Electrician

Posted on March 27, 2015

It can sound corny, but you’re building a home. For the people who are going to move into your multi-family house, there is nothing corny about your diligence, care, and consideration. “Getting the job done right” isn’t, to the residents, a cliche or a rolled-eye slogan, but a promise that the building they move into is going to be safe and secure for their family. It’s shelter from a storm. It’s a home.

So when building or renovating an MDU, you have to make sure that everyone you work with has the same standards of professionalism you do. This encompasses ethics and abilities. After all, getting the job done right the first time and saving money helps you to take care of every other facet of the operation. Getting the right electricians and electrical consultants is crucial to every phase. Besides the roof, electricity is the only thing in every room. Here is what you should look at when hiring your electrical help.


Your multi-family electrician should be as careful and talented as you. Image from Wikimedia Commons

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Home is Where The Chip Is: How “Smart Homes” Will Impact The MDU Market

Posted on March 26, 2015

In our last article, we talked about the what smart homes are- homes that will learn how to adapt all their systems in order to meet the needs of the residents. We are still several years away from having fully smart homes- which are similar, but more advanced than the automation we see today- but they are coming, and quickly. MDU developers need to know how to anticipate the needs of this growing market, develop expertise, and learn how to control the electrical needs that will be the major component of their success.


The heart of a home will always be the people, but the brain might change. MDU markets need to adapt. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

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The Future of MDUs: Smart Homes and the Internet of Things

Posted on March 24, 2015

It happens in every sci-fi movie: the doors slide open as someone, probably clad in a kind of futuristic onesie, strides purposely through, and commands her house to make an egg and put on the news. Screens multiply, robots do the kind of things that robots do, and everything is gleaming and new. Something will go wrong at some point, but at that point, it’s wonderful.

That’s still a little bit farfetched of course. There aren’t robots, and homes can’t do everything that we want them to. But they are getting there. Smart homes are becoming not just viable, but increasingly ubiquitous and even necessary.  MDU developers are going to have to understand this new technology, particularly in areas that have a an up-and-coming Millennial population who will demand the latest technology. Getting ahead of these trends is a great way to ensure the future viability of your business. In today’s article we’ll talk about what exactly this is, and tomorrow we’ll talk about how it will impact your business.


Smart homes are the way of the future, and will become increasingly important in multi-family dwellings. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

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