They say “a penny saved is a penny earned,” but you aren’t dealing in pennies. At the least, your projects can cost tens of thousands or even millions of dollars. Making sure that money is well spent, that you don’t go over-budget, and that you are economically prepared for any contingency is the difference between success and failure. Of the millions of aspects of development, the budget might be the least glamorous, but it makes or breaks a project.

Are you buying the right equipment? Is there a more cost-effective way to deal with supply issues? Conversely, if you buy the least expensive material, are you hurting yourself in the future? These are all considerations when it comes to the budget. This is why it is so important to have experts helping you plan every step.

Aerial Electric—The Experts You Need to Plan a Budget

With major construction projects, accuracy in estimating and budgeting is critical for the proper planning of your project. Aerial Electric has expertise in MDU projects. We know how to help builders and developers determine the best budget for all electrical component design, installation, and labor. We use our decades of experience and knowledge of local customs and regulations to help guide your budgeting process, tailoring it to your needs.

We Offer Our Services Exclusively to the MDU Community

At Aerial Electric, we understand that the MDU developer and builder community are tight-knit and the importance of your reputation in earning repeat business. We provide value to the builders and developers we work with, and one of the services we provide is accuracy in budgeting and final pricing.

We help builders and developers compose budgeting and final pricing for Multi-Family Development projects.

Why Aerial Electric?

Aerial has been in business for 30 years and since 2008 has focused exclusively on the MDU market working with top builders and developers. We are licensed around the United States in a variety of builds. We have the skills you need and can provide full electrical engineering support for your project. In addition to your top-notch services, we have the financial strength to offer payment and performance bonding which can help you secure financing for your project.

We are proud to offer the following services within each of our projects:

Aerial also offers electrical distribution services including:

Contact Aerial Electric About Your MDU Build

Aerial Electric specializes in the electrical aspects of MDUs, including design-assist, all the way to implementation. To find out how we can help your construction or retrofit project contact us today!