Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are an important safety feature, particularly in Multi-Family Development projects with a high amount of foot traffic, and where residents are blindly granting visitor access with a standard bell or buzzer system. A CCTV system represents a major safety upgrade in these cases.

CCTV for Your Multi-Family Development Project

Aerial Electric can design and install electrical distribution for CCTV systems, allowing residents to screen who they let into buildings. It also allows security personnel to monitor parking lots, stairwells, and hallways to ensure better safety for those who live there. In many cases, the presence of CCTV cameras discourages crime and can increase the safety of an MDU dwelling for all residents.

Wiring Design with Safety in Mind

Security systems and CCTV systems added post-construction are easier for thieves to circumvent, and are less of an assurance of safety for those that live in your Multi-Family Development. Aerial Electric can design the wiring and electrical distribution to be integral in the build, which makes them more secure and much more difficult to tamper with or disable.

The professionals at Aerial Electric have deep technical knowledge and experience with security and CCTV systems—to limit building access, monitor common areas, and ensure interior and exterior lighting is sufficient to discourage criminals and give residents assurance that they’re safe.

Why Aerial Electric Is the Right Choice

Aerial Electric has been in the commercial electrical services, consulting, and contracting business for more than 30 years and has built a solid reputation. Aerial now concentrates solely on Multi-Family Development so we can provide excellence in this area to our development partners. We provide services to the top national MDU builders and are growing our portfolio of work around the United States.

Whether you’re building an apartment or condominium complex, or student or military housing, we have the skills and expertise you need to ensure your project goes off without a hitch. We have the experience to provide accurate bid, budget, and final pricing information, to help you determine your overall project costs. And we always deliver on time and on budget.

Contact Aerial Now to Discuss Your Project

Aerial Electric offers complete electric distribution services including CCTV, communication and data wiring, security system generators, key card access systems, fire alarm systems, and lightning protection. We work on a consulting, design-build, and design-assist basis, and are ready to provide you excellent services for your MDU project.

Aerial Electric specializes in the electrical aspects of MDUs, including design-assist, all the way to implementation. To find out how we can help your construction or retrofit project contact us today!