Kentucky is home to millions of people, and MDU construction in Kentucky is a growing field. Almost 8% of Kentucky residents live in apartments or condos, which puts it mid-range in the country, or near the top of states without huge urban centers. It is an industry with a lot of growth potential, especially as the state has begun to realize the economic and environmental impacts of encouraging Kentucky MDUs. Here are some highlights from the industry:

  • An active state. The Kentucky Housing Corporation helps to finance affordable multi-family housing units, creating a boon for developers and contractors. Understanding the laws and regulations is crucial.
  • Growing population. Louisville’s population exploded in 2003 thanks to the city-county merger, which skewed the numbers, but it is still trending upward. More people and a growing economy post-recession means more of a need for multi-family housing.
  • Colleges. Lexington is a famous college center, housing the University of Kentucky. As the economy continues to rebound, colleges will see their numbers increase, leading to a need for MDU housing, both on campus and off.
  • Military Bases. The Army Human Resource Center of Excellence continues to grow and attract thousands of soldiers and civilians in need of comfortable, affordable housing that’s flexible enough to move when their station changes. Fort Knox is also a goldmine for MDU construction in Kentucky.

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