The days when people wanted to carry around huge clunky keychains are in the past. A modern and secure MDU needs an entrance system that is both safe and convenient. A key card access system enables both.

As a builder or developer, quality construction is the top priority for your MDU projects, but safety is also a critical concern. Future residents of your property will appreciate your efforts to ensure their safety, and there are a number of ways to accomplish this. In addition to fire alarm and security, CCTV and key card access systems are excellent ways to provide layers of protection and peace of mind for residents.

Installing a key card access system comes with significant benefits:

    Key cards are difficult to duplicate
    Eliminates the need to rekey exterior building locks
    Allows one device to access laundry rooms, gyms, mail rooms, etc.
    Allows tracking of who accessed secured areas
    Easy to disable lost key cards to prevent unauthorized access
    Easy access search to investigate theft, vandalism or unauthorized entry
    Eliminates the need for security personnel to monitor access

Aerial Electric Has Experience Wiring Card Access Systems for MDUs

The Aerial team has devoted themselves solely to supporting builders and developers of MDU projects. We have developed the specific skills needed to address the challenges of this market that represents a cross-section of commercial and residential builds. We’ve set up electric distribution for key card systems in apartments, condominiums, student housing, and private military quarters.

We are licensed to work in all the East Coast states and have worked with top national MDU developers and builders. Aerial has a reputation for earning repeat business by providing excellent electrical consulting services.

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