Save Money on Your Multi-family Project With the Right Lamps and Fixtures

You don’t want your building to seem dull, uninspired, and undifferentiated from the competition, but unfortunately, bad lighting can do exactly that. Lighting is the best complement to your building, and a way to reflect and highlight all the work done in design.

At Aerial Electric, we specialize in electricity for MDUs, particularly in the field of lighting. We know that when people walk into an apartment building, a condominium, an army barrack, or a dorm, the first thing that stands out is lighting. It’s their introduction to your work. Anything substandard can leave a permanent bad taste in their mouth.

Why properly lighting your MDU is essential

Lighting is never something that should be overlooked, nor should its costs be ignored. Lighting generally takes up anywhere from 3-15% of the overall electrical budget. MEP engineers often select lighting without concern for cost or efficiency, thinking it can be overlooked. But lighting adds up. Aerial Electric can save you money in the common areas and units where lighting is most needed, such as:

Unit Fixtures
Parking garages
Laundry rooms
Storage facilities

The right lighting can save and make you money

There are more options than ever for proper lighting. LED lighting is becoming more efficient, cost-effective, and more easily adapted to scale. This lighting technology can save you money on wasted energy, as LED doesn’t waste wattage converting heat into light. Throughout your building, LED lighting can save thousands of dollars per year.

Creating a more energy-efficient and well-lit place can help attract residents who value saving both money and the environment.  The right lighting is not just a money-saver in the present, but an investment in the future.

Aerial Electric for new or old Multi-family Dwelling Projects

Whether constructing a new building or retrofitting an old one for greater energy efficiency, installing the proper lighting is a key component of whether your venture makes or loses. If you want lighting that is efficient, cost-effective, beautiful, and will have prospective residents in awe as soon as they walk in the door, then you want the experts at Aerial Electric.

Contact Aerial Electric About Lighting Your MDU Project

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