As a builder or developer, when you’re competing for a government or public project, the ability to provide payment and performance bonds can make the difference between being chosen or rejected. It is hard to accept sometimes, but your livelihood could depend on the trustworthiness of your subcontractor. That’s why it is so important to partner with an electrical contractor you can trust—someone with a solid commitment and reputation who you know will finish the job, every time. By choosing Aerial Electric as your electrical services contractor, with our decades of experience and reliability, you increase the likelihood of project approval, as well as a successful development.

We offer bonding and electrical services for all Multi-Family Development builds including apartments, student housing, private military housing, and condominiums.

For non-public projects, the availability of payment and performance bonds can give you peace of mind. So that, should the unexpected happen, you won’t be out-of-pocket for uncompleted work. The availability of these bonds has also helped our builder and developer clients obtain financing for their projects. Aerial has the financial strength to offer bonds where many other electrical services providers cannot.

Bonds Are Important, But Our Expertise Is the Key

Aerial Electric understands how important performance bonds are important to obtaining approval for a public project and to your financing. In our 30-year history, we’ve never failed to complete a project as promised. We have a track record of delivering excellent work to national builders and developers of MDU projects. With this expertise on your side, bonds never come into play except as a foot in the door and peace of mind.

In addition to being able to provide payment and performance bonds, we have professional insurance and licensing that covers our work across the United States. Licensing is a stringent process and, because we’ve gone through this process in many states, you can feel confident that we’ve been vetted and have the skills and stability to support your projects.

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Aerial Electric specializes in the electrical aspects of MDUs, including design-assist, all the way to implementation. To find out how we can help your construction or retrofit project contact us today!