Since the depths of the recession, Pennsylvania has seen steady economic growth aided by the housing and construction sectors. Employment rates are returning to pre-recession levels, and as more people get back to work, they’ll be looking for new and better housing—starting with new or retrofitted Pennsylvania MDUs. The positive growth in Pennsylvania is great news for builders and developers. Here are some key areas supporting Pennsylvania MDU opportunities:

  • Pittsburgh. The Steel City is now known as the “Smart City,” having paved the way for other post-industrial areas to rebuild themselves as tech centers. This brings in a younger crop of people who aren’t looking to buy houses right away, but are looking for condos and well-appointed apartments or townhomes. There is a huge market for MDUs here.
  • Colleges. In Pittsburgh itself, you have great institutions like Pitt and Carnegie Mellon. The center of the state is one “Happy Valley,” home to Penn State, one of the largest universities in America. This is great for MDU developers, due to a constant and growing need for student housing both on campus and off.
  • Philadelphia. The “City of Brotherly Love” is a place that MDU developers adore. A full 16% of its residents live in apartments, and as the economy brings in more jobs, that number is expected to rise. In such a dynamic city, it is always sunny for the multi-family dwelling business.


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Image by Wikimedia Commons