In the mid-1990s, the government began privatizing military housing—this has been a boon for MDU builders and developers. Studies have shown that quality housing for service members and their dependents improves morale, greatly increases the rate of reenlistment, and improves the job satisfaction and well-being of our Armed Forces.  Aerial Electric has a vast amount of experience in this area.

No matter where your military housing project is planned, we can help. We are licensed to work in all East Coast states, and have expanded our service areas to support national MDU builders and developers. We have a deep knowledge of compliance measures and standards for government projects, and can help you bid successfully for these builds.

Why Choose Aerial for Your Private Military Housing Build?

We have 30 years of experience providing commercial electrical services. Aerial Electric provides electrical services exclusively to MDU builders and developers, which has allowed us to hone the skills and abilities unique to this market.   Aerial has established an excellent reputation in this tight-knit community, being known for providing top-notch services on time and on budget.

In addition to our skills and abilities, we have the financial strength to offer payment and performance bonds. These can be critical to helping you lock in bidding, financing, and project approval, particularly for public and government projects.

Aerial Electric offers the following services to builders and developers in support of military housing builds:

In addition to our core electrical services, we also offer electrical distribution services including:

Contact Aerial Electric About Your Military Housing Build

Aerial Electric specializes in the electrical aspects of MDUs, including design-assist, all the way to implementation. To find out how we can help your construction or retrofit project contact us today!