A good security system is one that is reliable and will be working 24/7/365 regardless of weather or power outages.  When the power goes out, one of the first things residents worry about is a security system failure. Calm their fears and keep them safe in your building by making sure you have a reliable and dependable security system power generator.

Power outages can cause major problems for residents of Multi-Family Developments, and be compounded when it takes out the security system. Outages can happen for a variety of reasons to a building, a block, an entire system. No matter what the cause or how widespread, a security system backup generator will protect residents—in apartments, condominiums, or student or military housing. Ensuring your project is safe is a measure of your quality as a builder or developer.

Aerial Electric is an expert in recommending, planning, and installing a security system power generator.

Security system generators provide backup coverage due to outages caused by:

    Strong winds
    Ice and snow
    Heavy rains
    Salt contamination
    Trees and limbs
    Animal damage
    Acts of terrorism

Why Choose Aerial?

We’ve been in business for over 30 years providing premier electrical contracting and consulting services.  Several years ago Aerial shed its other business lines and since then has focused strictly on the MDU development. Since then, we’ve been privileged to work with top builders and developers. We have licensure around the United States and have expanded to become a national provider of electrical services.

Aerial Provides Safety When Power Goes Out

We have the skills, track record, licensing, insurance, and bonding required to perform high-quality work to support you as a builder or developer of Multi-Family Development projects of all types.

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