South Carolina, the Palmetto State, is known first and foremost for southern hospitality and coastal beauty. But more and more, it is also becoming known as a great place for corporations and manufacturers to build factories and create jobs. A business-friendly climate has changed the local economy in major cities like Columbia and Charleston, as well as in smaller areas like Greenville, Florence, and Myrtle Beach.

More jobs means more workers coming in and an increased need for housing—especially MDU construction. Whether workers are looking for relatively inexpensive places to live with their families, or are seeking apartments for themselves, now is a good time for South Carolina MDU construction.

Here are a few other factors for MDU developers in South Carolina to consider:

City laws: South Carolina has state laws that make it difficult for a larger city to annex surrounding areas, leading to smaller populations and a greater emphasis on local codes. Make sure your regulations are up-to-date wherever you build.

Climate: South Carolina is one of the wetter states, particularly in the coastal areas, so builders or retrofitters must take those moisture levels into account.

Temporary labor: The state’s emphasis on part-time and temporary labor increases the need for rental properties like apartments.

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Charleston SC

Charleston Image from Wikimedia Commons user Khanrak