It’s nearly Halloween as I write this, so as per autumnal habit, my wife and I have been watching a lot of horror movies (even though one of us is a big scaredy-cat, and yes, that’s me). There’s a scene that plays through nearly every classic slasher or monster movie, and that’s the dreaded Key Fumbling. You know what I mean: the killer is getting closer, thankfully sauntering, and the hero or (more likely) heroine is desperately trying to get into their house or car. Their keys are jiggling, and their death-haunted hands are trembling too much to be of any help. They usually drop them and decide just to keep running–to the safety of the woods or the abandoned ax factory.

In some ways, this trope is as outdated as the “missed connections” sitcom staple–plots that could have been resolved if people had cell phones. The reason is the same: technology. In this case, it is the rise of keyless electronic entry, either with a keycard or a code. Whether to use these or not is a question that has to be answered by anyone retrofitting or constructing a new multi-dwelling unit. Do you want old-fashioned keys or a new electronic keyless entrance system? Which system is better for you and your residents? Here are a few notes to help you decide.


There has to be a better way- and there is, with electronic key card access. Image from Flickr CC User ZaCky


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