Connecticut isn’t a big state, but it has many livable cities like Stamford, Danbury, Greenwich, Bridgeport, Bristol, and New Haven that can benefit from new Connecticut MDU projects.

Connecticut MDU construction and retrofitting is different than it is in many other states. Though hit hard by the recession, Connecticut’s home-building industry has rebounded, especially in urban areas. MDU construction is a vital part of that recovery. Even better, Connecticut has provisions for multi-family design and creation that help integrate the building with the community and the residents with each other. This “traditional neighborhood development” includes:

  • Housing choice. giving residents different options for size and space.
  • Stipulations for mixed-use. depending on size and proximity, you may be required to open space for retail, service, or other businesses.
  • Connectivity. this doesn’t mean internet access (though not many residents would move in without that), but rather the ability to easily travel between any two points within the building—and to destinations outside. The building should accommodate foot and bike traffic, and not be built with cars solely in mind.
  • Proximity. ideally, the building will be located near the community and civic areas, for easy access on foot or with a non-motorized vehicle.
  • Architectural aesthetics. new buildings should reflect a safe environment, fit in with the community, and reflect its values.

Whatever your Connecticut MDU construction needs, Aerial Electric is here to provide electrical expertise, from the design and budget phase, to when the lights turn on. Contact us today to see how our electrical consulting and construction expertise can turn your project into a success!