Aerial Electric’s electrical consulting services are specifically focused on assisting you, a developer or builder in the MDU market. Our services are available from the pre-construction design through the construction and post-delivery phases. We have worked with the top Multi-Family Development builders throughout the US, and have built a solid reputation for delivering cost-effective and time-saving electrical solutions for your project.

Electrical Consulting Focused on the MDU Market

The MDU market is unique and presents challenges not typical to residential or commercial construction, but is rather a blend of both. So you need an electrical consultant with expertise in your specific market. Aerial focuses on Multi-Family Development electrical consulting services, and we have honed our skills to help you complete your project on time and on budget. We have a track record of consulting on MDU builds for apartments, condominiums, apartments, and military housing.

Why Aerial?

Quality doesn’t happen by accident. It is the result of specific abilities, honed to perfection and delivered with integrity and skillful execution. As a developer or builder in the MDU market, we understand you have demands placed on you, such as a tight deadline, a challenging site, or a strict budget. When you hire us, these demands become our own and we do not fail to deliver.

When you choose Aerial Electric, here’s what you can expect:

    Eco-friendly and green options where requested or required
    Increased electrical efficiencies
    Fewer installation errors
    Lower costs
    Faster time to completion

Electrical Consulting Services to Fit Your Project

Not every MDU project is the same, but we can deliver consistent results for you no matter how you want to implement Aerial’s services. Some of our clients prefer design/assist, some prefer design/build and some ask us to assist with budgeting and final pricing. We are prepared to meet your electrical consulting needs, no matter what they are. We have 30 years of experience working with builders, developers, and managers, and now we’re offering our expertise to you.

We offer a wide array of electrical engineering services, consulting services, and expertise for MDU projects, including apartments, condominiums, student housing, and military housing. Get more information about our specific electrical consulting services below:

Need Electrical Consulting Services? Contact Aerial Electric

You can reach the Aerial team via email to, by phone at (203) 720-0900, or via our web form to talk about your MDU project.