Indiana has several large cities and major colleges, which means the Indiana MDU construction field is always growing. Here are some of the highlights for developers and contractors as we look ahead:

  • Indianapolis. Unfairly, if affectionately, called “Naptown,” Indianapolis is actually a booming metropolis whose population nears a million. Partly hemmed in by the Green River, Indianapolis spreads out from a vibrant downtown to the more natural areas on the outskirts, and both spots are great for MDU construction or retrofitting for the growing population.
  • Colleges. Indiana University in Bloomington, Purdue University in West Lafayette, and Butler University in Indianapolis provide a constant need for new and retrofitted housing, both on campus and off. Older buildings don’t always have the wiring or connectivity needs that students demand, so a smart MDU developer can take advantage of these great opportunities.
  • Other cities. Gary, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, and many others need housing to support the local industry’s tech and service economies. Perfect for apartments and townhouses.
  • A growing economy. In many ways, Indiana led the nation out of the recession, and the uptick is expected to continue for at least the next several years. The best part is that this isn’t concentrated in any one area; it is spread throughout the state.


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