Delaware has a large number of corporate headquarters and universities that lead to the need for MDU construction. Additionally, the small space and growing population will only increase this need as the decade progresses and Delaware continues to rebound from the recession. Here are some of the market highlights for MDU construction in Delaware:

  • Expanding universities. As enrollment increases for local colleges like the University of Delaware, there will be a higher need for quality student housing. The other universities in Delaware are expected to follow this trend.
  • Corporate headquarters hub. The creation of more corporate centers leads to many temporary and full-time residents, with workers splitting time between corporate headquarters and regional locations. This increases the need for apartments, townhomes, and other domiciles more flexible than a single-family house.
  • Booming population. Delaware’s population is quickly approaching one million, despite a recent slowdown. Though only 45th in population, Delaware is 6th in population density due to its small size. This density is a benefit to MDU construction in Delaware, which emphasizes smaller footprints for more people.
  • Packed urban areas. Larger cities like Wilmington, Dover, and New Castle are much more densely-packed than the rest of the state, and have relatively non-restrictive regulations on MDU building to accommodate housing needs. Consequently, skilled MDU firms are finding work opening up.

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Image from Wikimedia Commons