Rhode Island MDU construction has a lot to take into account. When starting a project, whether it is new construction or the retrofitting of an old MDU, you have to be aware of regulations that make building in Rhode Island a unique venture. From Providence, to up the Blackstone River, to Woonsocket, the population of Rhode Island has to be served by knowledgeable, passionate contractors building the best MDUs. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Two-family houses are lumped in with single-family. Some MDUs are only for two families, most notably townhouses. These regulations are covered in the statutes for one- and two-family dwelling units.
  • MDUs larger than two-family (including commercial buildings) are covered under broader regulations. The Rhode Island State Building Code contains useful information for larger buildings, including apartments and condos.
  • Unique climate. Being part of New England, Rhode Island is often lumped in with cold northern climates, but in reality it is on the border of a humid continental and humid sub-tropical zone. It has a higher frost line that many of its surrounding states, as well as warmer summers, and damp and chilly winters. Any building has to take into account the effects this southerly/coastal climate will have.
  • An aging population. Rhode Island has had a slowdown in young population growth, which sometimes bodes ill for construction. However, it is estimated that between 2011 and 2016 the fastest-growing population demographic was 65 and over. This is good news for those in Rhode Island MDU construction. An older population tends to congregate in MDUs—including condos, retirement homes, townhouses, and the like. Getting in on the ground floor of this can be of a huge benefit to your company.


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Image from Wikimedia Commons