It’s an honor to be involved in multi-dwelling unit buildings. Most of human history has been a search for shelter, and it is amazing to think that your construction comfortably houses many families, many of whom will become friends. Their kids go to school together and grow up together. It’s the first home for newlyweds, and a place for people to move to live comfortably after their children move out. There are many kinds of MDUs, and we’re excited to help bring high-quality electricity to all of them.

There are some, however, that provide a little more pride than others. Helping to create comfortable, durable, private military housing is one of the great honors of the construction business. The armed forces and their families deserve everything a thankful and humble nation can give them, and proper housing is a small but meaningful way to thank them for their sacrifices, and make the time spent over here as comfortable as the time spent away is difficult.

Private military housing

There are hundreds of military bases in the US, and around the world, and they all deserve quality housing. Image from

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