It’s a little late for A Christmas Story, but do you remember the scene where The Old Man was gleefully plugging in the tree, with all the different lights, and blew a fuse? In a lot of movies, this would have been cause for despair, but through the darkness, you could hear the dad laughing happily as Ralphie explained that his old man was a master at repairing fuses. In seemingly just a few seconds, he had ran in the dark to the basement and got the lights back on. He loved it when a fuse blew. Fixing it showed again that he had mastery of his house.

That kind of anarchic joy isn’t usually felt by MDU residents when they blow a fuse, particularly if they live in an apartment. When that is the case, fixing it usually involves a lot of stairs and a lot of fumbling around in the dark. If you are going to provide the best possible service to your tenants, you need to think about simple things, like fuses, how to keep them from being blown, and how to make the lives of residents easier. It is the little things like this that create loyalty from your MDU residents, and keep you in business. Blown fuses don’t have to equal blown tempers.

Fuse box

A well-labeled and organized fuse box can be the key to resident happiness. Image from Wikimedia Commons

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