The population of Virginia is recovering from a slight slowdown in the last decade, and now appears to be climbing. Virginia has the lowest unemployment numbers in the country and some of the fastest job-growth towns in the US, including Leesburg (ranked second). New workers mean new housing needs and possibilities, and Virginia MDU construction will play a huge part in that. Here are some of the biggest supporting factors in Virginia’s growing MDU market:

  • Federal government. Washington DC, in Virginia’s northeast, is a huge supplier of jobs for the local economy, but there are also always thousands of young people coming and going based on the latest elections. Jobs have to be filled, departments have to be staffed, and advisors have to come and go. These creates a need for non-permanent, inexpensive residences like apartments and condos, and this is exactly what MDU construction in cities like Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax can provide.
  • Large tech industry. Virginia has the 4th-highest total amount of tech workers in the state, and the highest overall concentration. So many (often) young workers who move from job to job tend to need temporary and affordable housing, often near coworkers. Condos, townhouses and luxury apartments do very well in Richmond, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach.
  • Schools. University of Virginia. George Mason. William and Mary. Virginia Tech. The state of Virginia is almost synonymous with higher education, and higher education is synonymous with the need for student housing, both on campus and off.


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Image from Wikimedia Commons