As is fitting for such a mountainous state, West Virginia’s multi-family unit builders have endured quite an uphill battle. At the last census, a mere 4.8% of the population was living in an apartment—the lowest number in the nation. Reasons for this include a relatively small state population, lots of space for residents, generally inexpensive land, and a fierce tradition of independence and solitude. Mining areas, which drive the state’s economy, are traditionally home to single men who can benefit from MDU-style dorms, apartments, and condos. 

A rise in business growth is also spurring a need for more MDU construction. New businesses are beginning to spring up throughout West Virginia, particularly in the population capital of Morgantown—voted “one of the best small towns to do business in” by Forbes. More business equals a higher population, and a greater need for apartments, condos, townhomes, and other buildings that are the hallmark of West Virginia MDU construction.

Some of the factors that can contribute to the the growth of West Virginia MDU construction, in Morgantown and other areas, are:

  • A growing sector for green energy, which can bring new jobs and people in from out of state looking for work.
  • A rising economy. The economy of West Virginia is growing slightly faster than the national average.
  • A boon for construction, especially infrastructure spending.


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Image from Wikimedia Commons